Painting Beggar Portraits,

their hungry truth and inner beauty.

How do you deal with the beggars, when you are in India?

I just paint them, Wieslaw Sadurski.

Compare, if you are encouraged, pages of Beggars and Sadhus. Both of them have nothing, but the nothing can be very different.
Nothing of beggar is a misery. Nothing of Sadhu is on the verge of infinity.

I try to paint beggar who has cut off hands. Maybe his parents did it in preparation for the profession: cripple inspires more pity, has a chance for more donations.
I do not trust reality of the world in which I live. It's just a terrible dream from which one needs to wake up.

They have clear attitude to life. They know the law of karma: no one would think of to complain about his fate. They believe that their current suffering will bring a significant improvement in living conditions in the next incarnation.

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