Galactic Sunflowers in bloom

rotate to face me, their creator.

Their connection with a galactic light
is well known to my brushes

in digital oil paintings on Art Canvas Prints
by Wieslaw Sadurski.

Sunflowers are magical flowers, they rotate to face the sun. This applies only to buds. Adult flowers turn east.

They are several hundred million years on earth. Belong to the Asteraceae, there are about 60 species, all native to North America. Domesticated 5,000 years ago, imported to Europe in the 16th century, bred for food, industry or ornamental purposes.

They grow up to 3 meters on average, although the record one had 9.17 m!

Aztecs, Otomi and Incas used the sunflower as a symbol for their solar deity.



A sunflower genotype has about 3.5 billion base pairs,
which is higher than human.

The flower is actually a collection of tiny 5-patch of flowers, which ripen into seeds.

Each flower is oriented to the next at an angle of 137.5 °, creating a pattern of interconnected parabolic spirals. There are mostly 34 spirals in one and 55 in the second direction. They form the Fibonacci numbers, a mathematician who in Liber Abaci introduced in 1202 the concept of sequence to the European science.

This pattern gives the most efficient packing of seeds possible in the head of the flower.

Sunflower is one of the most liked symbols in Western Feng Shui Art, symbolizes pleasure and knowledge.
Collects energies that controll relationship: fire and metal.
Fire melts metals, but sunflower manage to bring both energies together.
It has the metal round form and the fire pointy leaves, yellow color belongs to both the fire and the metal.