Laser graphics colors
are the purest in the Universe.

My painting computer has electronic brushes and a palette made of equations.

Graphics 1997-9, visible on Art Canvas Prints created by Wieslaw Sadurski.

Unique inner Laser Light sources
and their colors are the purest in the universe.

Oh yes! I studied laser technology and holography in early seventies, however,
didn't find a way of doing it, went into painting.

And lo! - here are my Laser digital Paintings.

Interesting experience: a fantasy, imagination, knowing and even an artist himself are superfluous.

Images are born by themselves,
I just serve as an Image Generator.

I am being born
in a place
where colors and forms
hands and tools
individual existence and the world
meet each other

simple as a breath and
complicated as a breathing one
no more understandable
than a drawing on a cave wall

my only secret is the secret of being

my name is Painting