Mandala Images,
man's discovery journey to himself,

spiritual vehicle of enlightenment, container of essence

in Computer Artwork on Art Canvas Prints
created by Wieslaw Sadurski.

I red books on the subject, saw Tibetan original paintings and fine Western works.
I painted Mandala on canvas - heart chacra - called Dandelion, 1993, a million brushstrokes!
on a page Spectral Rainbow Paintings.

1995, when I got to know how to switch on my computer - went into learning, simply by doing - painting Mandalas.

Not really painting - just drawing a single black circle - and through multiplication, distortions and all the colorful electronic tricks and filters in several programms - creating images. Very intensive learning process.

Painting Spectrals on canvas, clear color gradients, is quite a difficult job. Such an effect with computer - oh! just one click away.
I surely felt fascinated.


Mandala is derived from the root 'manda', which means 'essence', and suffix 'la', which means 'container'.

Accordingly, mandala is a container of essence.

It is a spiritual vehicle of enlightenment, coming from the distant past into our life to make it better.

In meditation mandala is used as a visual means of concentration.
A simple principle: you FEEL YOUR CENTRE WITHIN, you SEE THE CENTRE WITHOUT, in mandala.

The color psychology under the influence of mandala:

White - the folly of ignorance turns into the wisdom of reality.

Red - the folly of attachment turns into the wisdom of discernment.

Yellow - the folly of pride turns into the wisdom of equality.

Green - the folly of jealousy turns into the wisdom of accomplishment.

Blue - the folly of anger turns into the mirror like wisdom.

50 Mandalas by Wieslaw Sadurski in a meditative slide-show,

set to the piano composition 'Glimpses Of Truth' by Gernot Reetz from his music CD 'In Search of the Miracolous'.