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Wieslaw Sadurski.

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You're only a click away from artwork, that can unroll your space
into a new infinite dimension.

As it's been happening in time, here it is, unfolding for you,
a love affair between my creativity and the unknown,


On all the pages you find rich visual content, art reproductions, poems and short-stories
about conditions given to me for creating these artwork and series of paintings.
I present art and my life with art.

Let's start at the beginning:


My activities in Visual Arts started with PEN and INK DRAWINGS, Warsaw 1968-70, first exhibitions in Stockholm.
Two years break used for REPORTAGE from Infinite Journey, which you find here in English, Polish and German.

True painting adventure started with MONOTYPES 1972-3, thousands papers. Painted in a learning process and not presented here.

PRINT-PAINTINGS, 1973-5 emerged my own graphic technique, fantastic paintings on papers. Psychedelic and abstract landscapes from the beginning of life.
Made several versions of every painting, using different color set. Offered my artwork on the way in West-Berlin, Stockholm and Amsterdam galleries.
Nobody ever seen artwork like these before.

SPECTRAL PRINT-PAINTINGS, 1975, original paintings on papers in multi-layered colors, my late Print-Paintings, abstract, three basic colors only.




Vision - a tool of cognition,
Light - a source, means and purpose,
Creation - the natural state of being.

PAINTINGS OF CREATION, 1975-80, express the relationship of Man to Cosmos.
Thick textured oil paints on canvas, contrasted with many-layered transparent brushwork.
Stockholm, Warsaw, West-Berlin. Love rules okay, allow my brushes to act inspired. Light shines through all creations.

LANDSCAPES OF CREATION on their way into light, painted as well 1975-80, same or similar technique.
Riding high on the waves of inspiration. Brush is soaring through colors into the light of the beginning.

My PAINTING HAND in action, 1979, testing feelings in painting on papers created faster than I could see.

Painting KNIFE STORY, 1979, microtimes ruling OK on Papers, aggressive moods, painting knife technique discovered/explored in life.

LABORS OF LIGHT, oil & acrylic masterpieces mostly 1977-9, thin half-transparent multi-layered brushwork.
One motif only in so many plights. Mysterious at the time being, when paintings were painted.
Then 1982 I was introduced into Yoga of Light, and saw that 'Labors of Light' were painted in premonition of the Third Eye.

LIGHTWORLDS of Cosmic Vision, oils and acrylics 1979-86, Landscapes of Enlightenment,
painted in places, where I heard the music of the spheres, saw patterns of energy sustaining the visible in its passage.

ONE-TOUCH PAINTINGS, signs of being on the black of the unknown, 1982.
Knowing and feeling united. Acrylics, hand or hands as tools, painting done in a second.

NO-TOUCH PAINTINGS, throwing the paints onto the black, original Paintings 1983-6 done without touching the image.
Triumphal Hail for the Resurrected. Painting-action in Kreuzberg 1986, size 700 x 500 cm.

COSMIC LANDSCAPES, 1978-98, landscapes of natural or outer space of the vastness one can seldom see.
Paintings inspired by my love for Mother Nature. She needs sometimes new scripts for future evolution.

MYSTIC BLUE Paintings invite you into Infinity, 1980-91. Large oil paintings in the deepest blue.
Passive energy, exhalation of being, all-embracing universality, state of creative not-knowing.
The deepest blue! check out even if you believe me!

FACES and PORTRAITS, 1984. Drawing People, black and white drawings, where drawing lines is quicker than perceiving them.
Using a single or several strokes to create an internal portrait of a person.

RECYCLING Lord Jesus of many faces and Paintings on Consciousness, mostly 1984.
Oil paintings made of dried rests, totally different from what was done by million of artists before.

Painting ENERGY FIELDS, 1979-86. To express the meaning of life, love and death riding on a one wave? See what I mean!

SPECTRALS, 1983-90, Paintings of the Color Spectrum. Three basic colours are the Trinity you find in your religion, if you have any.
Red Yellow Blue - creating all that is visible.

SPECTRAL RAINBOW Oil & Acrylic Paintings 1991-2010. TRINITY OF THE VISIBLE.
Rainbow clings to the Light like a Man to the Truth. My latest passionate search for truth of the visible and latest technological discoveries.

HEALING RAINBOW of the Color Spectrum, 1993-5. Conceptual approach, mind operating from the heart.
Seeking the healing energies of the color I painted huge objects: Rainbow Hexagons and Rainbow Tower.

CROSS OF HERE AND NOW, 1992-4, Paint-Object of the Nonexistence, Aura of the Cross that is not there.
Three basic acrylic colors on four raw canvases 140x140 cm, three basic brushstrokes, total size 500x500 cm.

LIFE, multi-painting installation, 1992, acrylics on cotton, 32 paintings 60x50 cm each, total size - 300x800 cm.





Light makes visible that what exists.
Image makes visible what doesn't exist.

I got me first apple computer 1995, wishing to type and print out my prose I was busy with.
Alas! there was a little painting programm on board; I started to paint on the very first day.

THIRD EYE, 1996, the space of higher consciousness, the gate leading to higher reality.
I created these graphics in the very first go on computer, using all the new tools and electronic tricks on the motif well known to me,
painted abundant twenty years earlier in oils and acrylics, on many canvases - LABORS OF LIGHT - in Oil & Acrylic section on this site.

My EARLY COMPUTER GRAPHICS, 1995 - 97, combine magic and unknown, vision and experiment.
Created for the sheer love of it.

3-D LANDSCAPES, UFO's and Spaceships Graphics, 1997 - 99, virtual landscapes, science-fiction and fantasy
in three dimensional graphics created when my daughter was 10 years old, so these are images for the children.

FRACTALS, graphics 1996 - 97, geometry of fractional dimensions, colours of infinity, computer generated fractal images.

MANDALA Graphics and Paintings, 1996 - 98, Man's discovery journey to himself, spiritual vehicle of enlightenment, container of essence.

HEART ART means Love, 2002 - 04, and I make the mathematical equation of love visible, including some intriguing geometry in these graphics.

SUN PROJECT, 2010 - 14, made in love for a life giving sun, which is being created by light.

RGB BASICS, 1997 - 99, studies of joy on the Red Green Blue trinity.

LIGHT OPERATING SYSTEM 1998 - 90 makes visible that what doesn't exist.

RAINBOW GRAPHICS OF LIGHT of intuition, which through a prism of mathematical functions
is being dispersed into its constituent Rainbow Images.

LASER GRAPHICS, 1997 - 2000, the purest colors in the Universe!
My computer has electronic brushes and a palette made of equations, I just serve as an Image Generator.




Portraits, Birds, Animals, Ladies.

BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES fly high, 2013-17, fantastic in summer colorful or night fantastic landscapes.

ANIMALS PORTRAITS & PAINTINGS, 2014-17, show their individual characters.
My digital brushes follow their intelligent beauty.

MONKEYS PORTRAITS & PAINTINGS 2013-15 show quite human emotions and intelligence,
love for the kids and feeling of wonder.

KYOTO LADIES BLOSSOM IN GARDENS, 2017, painted in traditional kimonos against flower backgrounds.

PEOPLE PORTRAITS 2016-17, digital Oil Paintings tell stories of people I met in India and Japan.
See my attitude to them - which is one of love.

BLOSSOMING GARDENS, 2016, Love Confessions in Paintings
invite you to the magic spring masterpieces.

SADHU PORTRAIT PAINTINGS, 2016, India holy men leave behind the dark ways of existence and follow the way of light.

BEGGAR PORTRAIT PAINTINGS, 2015, showcasing their hungry truth and inner beauty.
How do you deal with the beggars, when you are in India? I paint them.

HUMAN SILHOUETTES, 2012-13, Paintings of Man and Women filled with landscapes and stars.

PAINTING NUDE LADIES, 2010-15, their shining bodies in fantastic landscapes from flower to sun to planet horizon.

NUCLEAR LYRIC, 2010-17, metaphoric Paintings of Peace and War, from nuclear explosion to barbed wire landscape.

COSMIC EVENTS (2014-17) take billions of years to evolve, flowers blossom few days only,
yet they feel well together in my art canvas prints.



4 Seasons FLOWERS digital oil paintings

Painting SPRING, 4 Seasons FLOWERS. Spring Flower paintings are delicate and tender like flowers.
I painted them digital in a good company of rainbows and stars.

Painting SUMMER, 4 Seasons FLOWERS in summer powerful colors blossom ecstatic in landscapes or outer space.

Painting AUTUMN, 4 Seasons FLOWERS blossom in daylight landscapes or in starry cosmic nights.

Painting WINTER, 4 Seasons FLOWERS shine against a rainbow sky, open their beauty in starlight or nothern lights.




4 Seasons LANDSCAPES digital oil paintings

Painting SPRING, 4 Seasons LANDSCAPES, inspired by the tranquil beauty of the spring,
from flowers under snow to rainbows to starry skies.

Painting SUMMER, 4 Seasons LANDSCAPES. Sun rules OK in summer fantastic and natural Landscapes.

Painting AUTUMN, 4 Seasons LANDSCAPES, fantastic and natural landscapes, trees in fall and still lifes.

Painting WINTER, 4 Seasons LANDSCAPES, sparkling beauty of Winter Landscapes
from trees under snow to stars to birds on frozen fruits.




Amongst all living beings, flowers discovered most superior forms of sexual intercourse.

Flowers. I love to paint them! You see them everywhere. Do you notice? Flowers are the sex organs of plants.

Many cultures regard the flowers as a symbol of femininity.
In the art, they often represent female genitalia.

APPLE TREES - in love with spring - blossom under my brush in white, pink and red.

CHERRY FLOWERS, celebrations of beauty, transience, goodbye. Bloom briefly in days of spring,
but stay with me forever in my paintings.

LILY FLOWERS, loving passion, purity, innocence in paintings,
when they blossom on art canvas prints.

LOTUS FLOWERS open in paintings, represent the universe,
symbolize enlightenment and victory of the spirit.

ORCHID FLOWERS blossoming, colorful, fragrant, grow on all continents,
bloom even in outer space, I mean in my paintings.

POPPY FLOWERS blossom in the fields and between the stars
in digital oil paintings on art canvas prints.

ROSE FLOWERS as a residue dawn on earth, symbol of love and overcoming misery
in digital oil paintings on art canvas prints.

GALACTIC SUNFLOWERS in bloom rotate to face me, the creator.
Their connection with galactic light is well known to my brushes.

TULIP FLOWERS are aware that they live in a cosmic environment,
therefore blossom abundant in my paintings on art canvas prints.

PAINTING JAPAN SPRING LANDSCAPES, digital on art canvas prints.






by Wieslaw Sadurski

I dreamed abour travelling already in childhood, run out of family home at age of 6 for the first time. Half a century later travelled a bit.

Zen Gardens are intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance,
and to serve as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life.

notable for the stark rocks-and-sand landscapes, which we tend to think of as visual renderings of satori,
the state of enlightenment.

MYOSHIN-JI ZEN GARDENS Kyoto, photo-reportage. On the western outskirts of Kyoto,
not far from the mountains ringing the ancient capital, lies a gently rising plain, a large temple complex which includes about 50 subtemples.
In time the area came to be known as 'flower garden'.

TOFUKUJI ZEN GARDENS Kyoto, photo-reportage. Tofukuji is oldest and largest temple in Kyoto.
There are gardens on the north, south, east and west sides of the Tofukuji temple, each of which has been created
to have its own atmosphere. The gardens themselves are a fusion of Zen and modern abstract design.

Kyoto has been the political, religious and cultural capital of Japan for many centuries. Hundreds of temples have been built
and destroyed over the course of the centuries, yet some of them have survived for us to visit them.

When it comes to gardens, Kyoto is the place to go. Kyoto has an unbelievable number of gardens.
Emperors, aristocrats, samurai - they all included wonderful gardens in their residences.

There are over 2000 temples in Kyoto. I have photographed the most beautiful.

INDIA, photo-reportage, under the holy mountain ARUNACHALA events are mesured by heart.

INDIA TEMPLES, photo-reportage.

Antoni Gaudi, PARK GUELL, Barcelona, photo-reportage.
Park Guell is one of the most impressive public parks in the world.

Antoni Gaudi, CASA BATTLO, Barcelona, photo-reportage.
Casa Batlló is a renowned building located in the center of Barcelona and is one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces.

Antoni Gaudi, CASA MILA, Barcelona, photo-reportage.
Gaudí conceived this house as a constant curve, both outside and inside, incorporating
multiple solutions of formal geometry and elements of a naturalistic nature.

Antoni Gaudi, SAGRADA FAMILA, Barcelona, photo-reportage.
Gaudí's work represents the genius of the architect, expressing particular spatial qualities and plasticity of undulating lines
and the harmony of colors and materials, both architectural structures and carved elements.

GEORGIA SUMMER COUNTRY, photo reportage.

TIME GRAFFITI'S are painted by Master Time, I just admire the meaningful compositions.

IN MY ATELIER, photos 1978 - 2018.

PORTRAITS Photography

BERLIN KREUZBERG, photo-reportage.

MOSAICS created of STONES FROM BERLIN WALL, 1989 - 90, collected by my little daughter
on everyday walks, playfully composed in Mosaics, available on Art Canvas Prints.


POETRY in Polish, English, German

by Wieslaw Sadurski


POD OKIEM ZEGARA, tom wierszy, debiut książkowy, Wydawnictwo Iskry, Warszawa 1966.

NAGROBEK CZŁEKOKSZTAŁTNY, tom wierszy, Wydawnictwo Lubelskie 1970.
Okładki i ilustracje Franciszek Starowieyski.

DOWÓD NA BRATERSTWO, tom wierszy, Wydawnictwo Czytelnik, Warszawa 1971.

REPORTAŻ z Nieskończonej Podróży, poemat albo zbiór liryków, wiersze kosmiczne, miłosne, komiczne, 1972.

KONKUT, Który Był Człowiekiem, gdzie wszystko się daje przerabiać na Wszystko, 1973.

polsko-niemiecki tom wierszy własnym nakładem, Berlin Zachodni 1979.

CZŁOWIEK OKO, Proza 1978-9, 360 stron, pojawi się tutaj wkrótce jako .pdf, jest niemal gotowa.

LUDZIE w Kreskach i Słowach prezentują się w krótkich wierszach, gdzie małpuję wasze uczucia, marzenia i wygłupy.
Twarze w jednej lub paru kreskach, rysowanie szybsze niż postrzeganie.

AVADHUTA GITA, Śri Avadhuta Dattatreya, powstała około 4 tysięcy lat p.n.e. (źródła podają tysiąc lat mniej lub więcej).
Narracja Śri Avadhuta Dattatreya to jeden z najstarszych tekstów hinduizmu.
Dattatreya to legendarny Jogin, wielbiony jako bóg w Indiach i Nepalu, patron Jogi przez tysiąclecia.


LEUTE in Strichen und Worten. Die Leute hier sind in kurzen Zeilen dargestellt,
wo ich deine Gefühle, Träume und Mätzchen simuliere.
Porträts mit Strichen schneller als die Wahrnehmung.


REPORTAGE from Infinite Journey, lyric, cosmic and comic poems.

PEOPLE in Strokes and Words. The people here present themselves in short poems,
where I monkey your self-knowledge, ideas, feelings.
Portraits in one or few strokes - drawing faster than perception.


If you fancy Visual Arts or Light of Understanding - this website can be your Friend.