Painting in premonition of the Third Eye, Labors of Light,

from realistic landscapes to cosmic paintings to abstract visions

on original Oil & Acrylic Paintings and Art Canvas Prints

by Wieslaw Sadurski.

This page is showcasing oil and acrylic paintings, mostly 1977-79, one motif only in many plights.
Thin, almost transparent multi-layered brushwork.

Seemed mysterious at the time being, when paintings were painted.
My brushes were acting maniacal, tending to paint the same motif again and again, in many variations.

Then 1982 I was introduced into Yoga of Light, and understood that Labors of Light paintings were created in premonition of the Third Eye.

1982, summer in Berlin, I look after a friendly home and I am alone with a wonderful library and piano, where I lure my first musical dreams from non-existence.

In craving for chastity I find literature about fasting. Implementing my new knowledge into action I stop eating for four weeks, drink only mineral water, in the evening a cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey

I read Šri Ramana Maharishi, do hatha-yoga, my body becomes extremely flexible. New sense of my own carnality and spirituality. The perception is changing, I can smell other people from afar, smell not only the body, also feelings and thoughts... In one month I get rid of 10 kg deposits and a couple of addictions. Good time for deep insights into the nature of the world and my own. I return to the world of ruminants with the help of an apple, half only. One month later I eat full portions of food again.

On a walk with this first apple I see a poster: guru comes from India, gives lecture in the evening. I've seen few masters before, visited many temples, always as a guest, passerby; with deep-rooted peasant distrust I looked at rituals, beliefs, ceremonies.

I go to the master's lecture, I see that he is competent, sets high demands and final goals. Acute driving school - minimum 10% of lifetime for meditation, extreme vegetarianism, with the exclusion of all foods of animal origin, so goodbye cake, because you contain an egg, goodbye yogurt, you come from a cow! Drugs rejected as well like alcohol and coffee.

In the morning I go again - to become initiated in Yoga of Light. It involves opening the Third Eye. My Third Eye is open so I master the technique easily, it surprises me, however, that in the Third Eye I see my own paintings, already painted ha! ha!

Great surprise: paintings represented here in the Light Worlds show in fact the symbol of the Third Eye: a lotus flower with two petals. Intuition leads confidently where knowlegde is lacking.
But, after all, I ask again: where does it lead to? And what does it all mean?

I take part in collective meditations, there are detailed indications - cutting off all informations and impressions from the outside world; the meditator should keep visions for himself, share them only with the master.
Painting occupation seen as unnecessary, and maybe even harmful to the spirit?

I am considering and not going there anymore. Meditating, but on my own. Pardon, on my own third eye, even against the indications. My individual experience is as important as the universal law.